Orders typically ship within 3 business days after payment has been processed (unless stated otherwise in the product listing). In some cases, such as limited stock availability, the order may require a handling time of 4 to 6 weeks. If an order deviates from the quoted shipping time during checkout, we will provide further details via phone or email.

We may contact you to confirm order information such as company name, shipping address, name of recipient, etc. which can delay shipment.

Once an order has left our facility, we are no longer in control of the package. We cannot guarantee delivery dates for any order. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the status of an order or the estimated delivery date.

Tips for a seamless delivery experience:
Please check the item’s specification sheet for product dimensions to ensure the item will fit through doorways, ceilings, and obstructions. Be prepared to receive your delivery when it arrives! Plan the method of moving the item(s) into the building prior to the date of delivery. 
Please note: The truck driver is not obligated to provide assistance!

We use every precaution to properly package items to meet freight/shipping company standards. All purchased items are insured. In the event that a shipment is damaged upon receipt, kindly refer to the information and procedures listed below.

Failure to document damage and defects during delivery could result in a significant reduction in carrier liability during damage claims.

In order for us to claim insurance on a damaged shipment, the sender (us), and the receiver (you), must work together to provide all proper documentation requested by the insurer. Following the procedures listed below will assist us in expediting a resolution.

The Bill of Lading is a legal document. The signing of the Bill of Lading states that the receiver (you) accepts the delivery “as is” and clears the freight company of any claims of damage.

Steps to take during receipt of delivery:

1. Request the truck driver to wait while opening and inspecting the delivery for damages.
2. Un-pack and inspect the item(s) thoroughly while the truck driver is present!
3. Do not sign for the shipment until the item(s) have been thoroughly inspected.
4. If there are clear signs of damage, it must be noted clearly on the Bill of Lading -- keep your copy of the Bill of Lading.
5. Pictures of the damage and description are required to complete the claims process.
5. REFUSE delivery for item(s) that are damaged.
7. Contact us as soon as possible! We will submit a claim to the insurer immediately. We can repair, replace, or refund the item based on the chosen resolution once the claim has been settled.

Damage claims, notated or concealed, must be reported within 10 days of the delivery date. Claims will be denied if reported past 10 days.