SnowVan NSD-151MW - Snowflake ice Machine - Shaved Ice - Bing su 빙수기계 - 220V

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SnowVan - Snowflake ice Machine NSD-151MW - Shaved Ice - Bing su 빙수기계 - 220V

We have introduced SNOWVAN, Snowflake Ice Machine to the North and South American market, as a sole distributor overseas.
Snowvan, global premium snowflake Ice Machine, makes snowflake with any liquid within seconds to serve a refreshing dessert or drink.
With Snowvan, we are pleased to contribute and lead a new trend in beverage and dessert, as well as present Bingsu, fresh and healthy Korean dessert to the worldwide stage.

Rated Voltage: 220V.
Transformer available here.

Ice cooling method :
 Drum-cooling method
Heat dissipation method : Water cooling method (adoption of water saving device)
Applied refrigerant : R-404A
Weight : 42kg
Size : 295w × 450d × 460h(mm)
Production amount / day : 300kg
Power consumption : 1,300W
Outer material : Poly Carbonate
Safety Certification No : JH07787-17001



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